Big Fish Small Boats

Join fishing maniac Al McGlashan on a mission to catch some of the biggest, wildest and weirdest fish in the country. Battling massive seas and endless oceans Al and his motley crew go to ridiculous lengths just for a chance at hooking up. Better still it’s all done out of small boats, making it all the more challenging and definitely very entertaining!

After the huge success of season one BFSB has blitzed onto the field for season 2. Al started things off filming some of the most spectacular feeding frenzy footage ever seen in this country that ended up with him being invited onto the couch for a live interview with the guys from the Today Show on 9. From there it was straight into the massive bluefin tuna. Not only did the boys electronically tag a record number for the research project but they did it in extreme conditions with the pelting rain, and of course Al jumped in for some cool underwater footage as well. The trip to Western Australia with the Halco boys was full of fish as well as one very close call for Al with a shark, and yes he somehow got it all on camera! Then it was off to join the Compleat Angler crew down on the Murrumbidgee catching Murray Cod before heading back to Sydney for some wild mako shark action. This was followed up by crazy kingfish action, record thresher sharks and the first East Coast yellowfin action in years. Al and the team have really been pushing boundaries even further than season one this time round with spectacular footage both above and below surface as well as time-lapse to make this series look more like a BBC Blue Planet show than simply a fishing show!

Al’s passion for all things fishy is legendary, his wild antics even more so! From swimming with massive makos, jumping in with giant bluefin tuna and even close encounters with the the biggest fish in the sea Al takes you there and will give you a whole new appreciation of the underwater realm. ‘I just love to fish and better still I take it one step further and jumping in to get serious up close and personal!’, says the ever enthusiastic McGlashan.

BFSB is so much more more than just another fishing show it encapsulates the true passion 3.5 million Aussies have for angling. The footage is spectacular both above and below the surface, and will really inspire you to get out there and go fishing.

Better still Al and the team go above and beyond the call of duty working with marine researchers on their quest to unlock the secrets of the ocean. From satellite tagging deadly makos to bluefin tuna all in the name of science. ‘What we are discovering is ground breaking and will help us better manage these awesome fish’. The discovery of a giant squid received worldwide recognition and is now on display in the Australian Museum. No other show goes to such lengths with such passion.

Produced by McGlashan Media and Crocmedia this new series is due to air on One 6pm on Sundays starting September 16.

BFSB Airtimes

Ep 1 – Sat Sep 7, 5.30pm

Ep 2 – Sat Sep 14 , 5.30pm

Ep 3 – Sat Sep 21, 5.30pm

Ep 4 – Sat Sep 28, 5.30pmone tv

Ep 5 – Sat Oct 5, 5.30pm

Ep 6 – Sat Oct 19, 5.30pm

Ep 7 – Sat Oct 26, 5.30pm

Ep 8 - Sat Nov 02, 5.30pm

Ep 9 – Sat Nov16 , 5.30pm

Ep 10 – Sat Nov 23, 5.30pm

Ep 11 – Sat Nov 30, 5.30pm

Ep 12 – Sat Nov 7, 5.30pm

Ep 13 – Sat Dec 14, 5.30pm



Host Al McGlashan

Al McGlashan is one of Australia’s best know anglers. Famous for his wild antics for everything from swimming with mako sharks to capturing record sized tuna  Al simple lives to fish. Internationally recognised for his photography Al’s work has graced the pages of dozens of magazines around the world and even gets translated into several languages!

He has published several books including the best selling Complete Fishing Bible (70,000 copies). His love of fishing (or his fear of actual work!) steered him away from the suit and tie and ultimately helped him turned his passion into his career. Al’s approach to life - “if you love what you do you will never have to work a day in your life!”.

Spending more than 200 days a year on the water Al specialises in catching big fish from small boats. His enthusiasm for fishing is infectious, raw and natural. And if you can’t get someone to shut up about what they love? Well we decided to get him his own TV show!

For Al it has been an amazing journey, and for him the best part is getting to do what he loves most - fish and then tell everyone about it!


BFSB crew

Vic Levett

A gun angler Vic is there for fishing catching skills not his looks.

Shannon Tesoriero

A supposed Jewfish expert Shannon does better catching the impossible like huge crayfish on rod and reel!

Phil Bolton

Manager of the NSW Gamefish Tagging Program Phil brings a bit of sense to the team, although he is a Pom!

Tom Spooner

Well known as 'Pappa Smurf' he is a fulltime skipper

Corey Yeung

Corey is supposed to working hard at  Club Marine but that doesn’t seem to stop him sneaking  with the BFSB crew!

Token kids

Every other fishing shows seems to promote their kids so we figured we had to join in and throw in a pair of feral McGlashan kids Tom and Cooper!


Steph Brodie

The lovely Steph puts up with Al’s endless crap in her mission to acoustically tag big kingfish all in the name of science!

Sean Tracey

A Tasmanian Sean couldn’t say no to leaving the Apple Isle in an effort to tag the first bluefin ever for Aussie TV.

Rob French

An ex Victorian he headed south Tassi to embark on a new role researching the survival rates for mako sharks and joined the crew for some wild action

Producer Tristan Foenander

Tristan is a content producer at Crocmedia in Melbourne. He produces a number of television and radio shows, including the football show TAC Cup: Future Stars on the Nine Network and is also involved as a commentator on AFL Live around regional Australia. He is a newly converted fisho and his ability to work to tight deadlines and produce quality shows makes him a valuable asset to the team.

Excutive Producer Chris Giannopoulos

Chris is the Executive Director of Crocmedia and the Managing Director of Bravo Talent Management. He has worked with and help guide the careers of some of Australia’s biggest personalities, including Cathy Freeman, Gary Ablett Jnr, Scott Cam, Jamie Durie, Dermott Brereton, Marcos Ambrose and Patty Mills and has also worked across such international events as the 2007 World Swimming Championships, the Australian Masters Golf, the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show and the Australian Open Tennis. His wealth of experience in dealing with big fish, makes him a key cog in the Big Fish, Small Boats wheel.